A 2020 communication guide with questions and answers for VEGANS and VEGETARIANS

★  80 common questions and comments you hear when you don’t consume animal products 

★ 250+ answer ideas you can adjust to your needs 

★ 7 original communication techniques that will help you communicate more confidently

★ includes interesting data from the vegan/vegetarian world

a perfect Christmas gift for vegan/vegetarian friends or family members, or anyone interested in this topic

★ available as paperback or e-book, only on Amazon

Have you decided to stop eating animal products?

It doesn’t matter if you have been on a vegan / vegetarian diet for a week or your whole life, you have surely received a lot of questions and comments from people.

Why are you vegan?

But, do you eat fish?

Don’t you lack protein?

How should you answer all these questions?

We have prepared a guide that will help make your vegan / vegetarian life easier. We present you with techniques for assertiveness, frequent questions and comments, and suggested answers.

You choose what suits you best, to smoothly manage the next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation among friends, family or at a work dinner.

You can do it! We’ve got your back.