A book on self-esteem and confidence published in 2020

with 52 reflections/exercises to open at random and trust yourself

Imagine that, due to an unexpected miracle, you wake up tomorrow with 100% self-esteem.

How would you feel?

What thoughts would overwhelm you?

What would be the most important change you’d make in your life?

To successfully resolve the problems in your life, you need to make good decisions and be happy. It’s always necessary to maintain a healthy level of self-esteem and take care of your own well-being.

In this book, you’ll find 52 reflections and exercises that will help you feel better about yourself. If you read the Oracle Book, it will strengthen the confidence in you through the knowledge held within.

How to use this self-esteem book: (1) Select the exercise that resonates with you most from the table of contents or (2) open the book at random to see what the oracle has chosen for you at this time in your life. Complete the exercise or reflect on the meditation by learning to think, talk, and act with SELF-ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE.

A self-esteem book published in 2020.