Books and psychological resources for a happy mind

About Psicotopia

We are interested in psychology and philosophy, we love writing and we like to share psychological resources with others.

This is how we came up with the idea to create a space to share books on personal development and psychological resources for a better well-being. We do not choose the circumstances that life presents us, but we can always choose our attitude and the way we cope with things.

At Psicotopia we write books that are useful for ourselves, and hope they will help you too!

Books recently published- 2020/2021

Temporarily available only in German

“Great book to find some optimism when things are not going well. It reads very easy, I highly recommend it. For me Marcus Aurelius has been a great discovery.”

“I love the content and the format of the book. I’ve been picking a random topic every day I would work on (as the book suggests), and that’s been helpful.”

“I enjoyed this book because it’s different, it has an original approach. The best thing is that after reading it you feel really good about being vegan/vegetarian, it gives you confidence.”

It is in the inner battle to concentrate on the higher and thus reject the lower that Yoga, psychology, philosophy and wisdom can be of help.

– Joan Mascaró